Education & Community

Application Examples

  • sanitizing of bathrooms
  • cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ducts
  • sanitizing of plastic-chromed equipment
  • sanitizing of filters and grilles
  • removal of stains and odors from pile carpets, coverings and seats
  • elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi

Professional cleaning and sanitizing of areas, equipment and highly crowded places are efficiently handled by saturated dry steam cleaners. These cleaners ensure a high standard of hygiene while saving valuable time.
Saturated dry steam cleaners are the most cost efficient technology for environments such as schools sport centers, saunas, and health resorts. Most of the facilities used in these locations require specific and accurate maintenance that cannot be supported by using traditional cleaning systems.
Menikini machines are enduring ecological investments, because of the high savings obtained by the reduced use of detergents and solvents (about 70%) and the decrease in water consumption.