Application Examples

  • barque regeneration
  • removal of deposits
  • sanitizing of steel tanks
  • sanitizing of filters
  • cleaning of glass, sanitary fittings and floors
  • elimination of mold, bacteria and parasites
  • leaving a neutral ph on treated surfaces
  • cleaning of recantation pipes, fittings, machines, polished chromed surfaces

Steel surfaces are cleaned in an optimal way and with less efforts thanks to the steam action. The inside of wine barrels is difficult to reach and clean. With an appropriate steam jet system it is possible to efficiently remove every kind of chemical agent’s residues, bacteria and deposits. Steam sanitizes each slot covered by microbes and every kind of dirt that any other traditional cleaning method is able to reach and remove. At the end of the treatment surfaces are completely sanitized with any chemical agents deposits.
In addition to barrel cleaning, a wine factory has other areas and types of equipment that only steam is able to efficiently clean and sanitize. Among others, these include pipes, flanges and taps.